Friday, August 10, 2012

Therapist Log: WallTherapy 2012

here are (finally) some images of my contribution to the recent Wall Therapy event held here in ROChester.  i'm so proud to have been one of the 3 local artists involved in such a positive and powerful event.  it was such a pleasure to have met and shared with some of the most influential artists in the world and it's not a time i will soon forget.  a HUGE thank you goes out to Ian Wilson of the Synthesis Collaborative for curating such an incredible event and to everyone else who made the week possible (including but not limited to Erich at 1975 Gallery, the fine ladies of The Yards, Brandon Colaprete, the owners of CJS Architects and ROC Brewing and the hoards of volunteers, photographers, videographers, and others who contibuted).  

for those of you that are local, i HIGHLY recommend checking out Wall Therapy's site and follow the map to see all these beautiful walls in person.  every artist on the roster rocked it!  rochester has been given a gift and i'm proud that i was able to share in a small part of that.

so enjoy the pics (taken, of course, by the always amazing Hannah Betts).  and go check the walls out in person!

thank you rochester!