Friday, September 14, 2012

SF '12

hannah and i just returned from a week's long stay in san francisco, where i took part in a 2 person exhibition with SF local artist and architect geoff campen at fabric8 gallery.  concurrent, featured new solo and collaborative works from geoff and i, and i must say we were pretty stoked on the end results.  it was a lot of fun working with geoff and collaborating not only from across the country, but with never having actually met.    it was great to see our work come together rather seamlessly, but with enough distinction to enhance our respective styles.

not only was it a great show but hannah and i were able to really enjoy our first time to SF and haven't stopped raving about this city since we stepped off the plane.  we crammed in quite a bit, but i have to say that the highlight for me was the barry mcgee retrospective at UC berkley.  what an experience!

i just want to thank all the wonderful people we met there and in particular, olivia and anthony of fabric8 for being such gracious hosts and for the opportunity to share our work with them.  also want to thank geoff for sharing his studio and putting on a pretty rad show!  

go HERE for a look at all available works.  and you can direct all purchase inquiries to

thank you, SF!


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