Monday, October 10, 2011

The Grind

whoa.  its been a while.  i've spent the last couple of months in major work mode and i've emerged from my dark studio with a whole new set of paintings for a slew of different shows and events happening all over.  its been pretty intense and i'm looking forward to just a little downtime to spend reorganizing and cleaning the rest of my life.  anyway, i'm pretty stoked on the direction the work is taking.  i'm still struggling a bit with nailing down the actual process of how these piece start and then grow, but a lot of the fun has been in the exploration.  here are just a couple of things i've been up to.

the first set of 4 at the top is my submission for a group show emphasizing color.  they're pretty fun little pieces (10"x30" ea.) and will be on display at fabric8 in San Francisco.  Spectrum opens this friday (10/14) so if you're in the SF area make sure to check it out!  you can direct all inquiries to

the following 3 pieces are a selection of a few paintings that are currently on display at Parlor Gallery in asbury park.NJ.  Playback will be on display until nov. 1 so check it out!  you can direct all inquiries to

finally, is a really fun collaboration piece with the one and only Hannah Betts.  we recently opened a whole show of solo and collaborative works right here in Rochester.  it was a great experience to work so closely with my wife, for a couple of reasons.  1. its quite the challenge bringing together painting and photography (without a lot of cliche collage).  i'm actually really excited how we were able to 'marry' (meh-he) our very different mediums. 2. it was also a lot of fun to finally bring a lot of our common influences together into a more singular focus.  i mean we share SO much in common (i mean we're married, duh) but i think if you looked at our work separately you wouldn't see those similar influences quite as well.  so to finally bring those together was a lot of fun.  Retrograde will be on display at fusion salon for a few more months, so if you can make it in there definitely check it out!

*phew.  so i guess this is what happens when you don't post for a long time.  too much to catch up on.

enjoy the new work!