Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teaser Action

so, the work for Stories by Streetlight is all starting to finally come together. as i mentioned before i decided to work on several drawings for this show and i have to say its been really fun stepping away from my paintings for a while. i've really left myself open to explore and i'm really excited about where these are all headed. hannah's photos (which are also coming together very nicely) have really become a major source of inspiration for this set and i can't express enough how fun this show is shaping up to be. so don't forget may 13th, be there!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Studio. New Show. New Work.

so there's been some pretty significant changes in my life recently and one that's required the most adjusting has been my new studio. fresh off Nothing New and a new show opening in May, i've had little to no time to really get my new space into a great cohesive and work-flow-friendly type of environment. its been tedious to say the least but i feel i've finally started to fall into a little bit of a rhythm.

i've really started to get excited for this upcoming show, Stories by Streetlight, with the super talented (and beautiful) hannah betts-moncibaiz. i'm especially stoked for hannah as this is her first 'big' show and the photography work she has in store is super impressive (and i'm not just speaking from that husbandly biased).

the Nothing New show took quite a toll on me and to be honest have been a little 'painted-out'. so i've decided that for this show to take my 'post show' blackbook doodling sessions and take them up a notch. so i won't be exhibiting new paintings for this show but rather 8 new larger scale drawings. so far its been a lot of fun to change modes and really get into some different work. i'm exploring some different themes and have really been influenced by what hannah is doing with her photos. so stay tuned and save the date, Friday May, 13th, Different Path Gallery, Brockport NY. its shaping up to be fresh and different and very fun!