Monday, November 22, 2010

Finding a Groove

so it was another pretty productive weekend and it was nice to spend some real time working. i spent a lot of time building, writing, sketching and of course painting. i decided for the time being to move away from the blue pieces and experiment with a couple of larger and more colorful pieces. the ones above are just in the beginning stages but i thought i'd share the progress thus far. i'm really trying to push my medium a bit and i'm really excited about the potential of these new techniques. i'll make sure to post a pic of one finished soon.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sneak Peaks

so here are a couple of mini teasers of some new pieces. they're 2 of an eventual 6 piece series all done on different shades of blue background. i'm having fun playing on the color for now and i'm stoked to see the 6 together. stay tuned for more sneak peaks...


Monday, November 8, 2010

Gettin' Busy

so i've finally started. this weekend i dove head first into my newest body of work for the upcoming months. i have to admit that while thinking about all the work ahead i've felt a bit overwhelmed, not really knowing where to start. so i've begun preparing by building a few surfaces to at least get the ball rolling. i've also started on a new piece (preview above) just to get a feel for some new things i have in mind. make sure you stay tuned for the madness...


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Reloaded!

so although things may have seemed quiet with the lack of posts recently, i've got quite a bit to report. first and foremost i'm happy to say hannah and i have finally taken the plunge! and have both lived to tell about it. it was an incredible day and a lot of fun. i truly am one lucky s.o.b! now that its over, however, its time to get back to work. and hard. this winter and going into spring is gonna be a doozy. starting in february i head to tampa.fl for a solo show at redletter1. i'm really stoked for this one as its my first big out of state solo show. immediately after that i'm headed back here to a show with 1975 gallery at booksmart studios with my homegirl sarah rutherford in march. we both have some REALLY BIG things in store for this show so make sure you stay tuned. sprinkle in a group show here and there, a spring show with my man MR.PRVRT and a show with hannah in may, and you've got a very busy and productive few months ahead of me. so in order to prepare i've cleaned up the studio a bit, rearranged and got a fresh new table. i've even managed to finish up a piece i started back in september!

so enjoy the new pics and don't change that dial. i'm gonna try and keep up with way more updates as new pieces get started and finished.