Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nothing Beats a Fresh BlackBook

so, as my surprisingly productive and busy summer winds down I've found myself with a tiny window of down time before the big fall rush. the BIG day is finally around the corner and I'm counting down to the final 'I Do's'. I'm pretty stoked! shortly after the wedding I dive head first into a whole new body of work for 2 major shows -- one in December and the other in March. so with the little bit of free time I've decided to spend some of it in a brand new blackbook, honing my chops. its been so long since I've just chilled and hit the book that's its been really nice to let loose and play a bit. I've decided to share a few experts and as you'll see my drawings are pretty different from my most recent paintings. i've always considered myself a bit of a creative schizo. I've enjoyed tightening things up a bit and its always a nice change of pace from my more expressive paintings. it'll keep me nice and busy and by the time it comes around to start painting again I'll be ready to let loose and get messy. so enjoy the small glimpses into my book (something I don't really let too many people see) because I've enjoyed makin' 'em!